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Understanding the Geopolitical changes that led to the new normal.

In a ceremonious announcement -yet a showing off phone conference- last month between United States President Donal Trump, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu & Sudanese Prime minister Abdalla Hamdok; the known secret became a fact. Israel & Sudan to normalise their relationships and end their verbal enmity that lasted more than 60 years.

Sudanese Israeli normalisation was not the question, never been, at least since the Emirati shock; the juggle was “when, not if” and this, of course, includes Saudi Arabia, Qatar & Oman & other countries on the waiting…

A cybersecurity story by Hamza Attar

London, the 2nd of June 2033, Elisabeth Brown a prosperous businesswoman hastening home to take her two daughters to the airport before king’s cross mad rush hour, it’s the journey they’ve been waiting for since last summer. Her smart car assists her in choosing the right route towards home, two pins on the chart her location and the house,

It’s 17° 59' 58" two seconds ere the catastrophe.

17° 59' 59", Elisabeths’ smartphone that’s connected to her car via Bluetooth rings, it’s Sarah, her daughter. “ Hey mommy, we’ve finished packing. When are you…

Hamza Attar

Candidate: MA Strategic Studies @DSD_Kings | PG Digital Strategies, @Columbia_Biz & @MIT via @EMERITUS_INST | MENA OpsM @enexnews |

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